Beautifl Lace Guide

Choosing the colour of your lace

Lace looks most natural when it matches the colour of your scalp. This is achieved by tinting the lace to match your complexion. That said, it’s really important to buy the right shade of lace as lace can only be tinted darker than the shade you buy it (not lighter). This means a light lace can be tinted to a dark brown but a dark brown can’t be tinted to a lighter colour. Our lace is available in the following shades:

HD or Illusion

This lace best matches fair or white skin tones, but you can buy this whatever your complexion, as your stylist can dye it to match your scalp. We recommend you buy this shade whatever your skin tone.

HD lace is usually super thin and will give you the most flawless and perfect melt! However, it is slightly more expensive and, because it is thinner, it’s more fragile. This means it’s more prone to tearing during day-to-day installation, wear and styling.


This lace best matches light brown skin tones, but you can buy this if you are any shade of brown/olive, as your stylist can dye it to match your scalp. We recommend you buy this shade if you have any tones of brown/olive in your skin.

Transparent lace is not as thin as HD lace but will still give you a great finish.


Dimension, big layers and length are #goals. To achieve a glam layered look, we recommend choosing a Lace Frontal or a Lace closure that is slightly shorter than the main, longer lengths of your bundles. For example, you might buy a 16-inch Lace Frontal with Bundle lengths 18, 22 and 24.

Prefer a bob cut, blunt cut and asymmetrical look? Then choose a Lace Frontal or Lace Closure that is slightly longer than your Bundles.


How long the hair looks on you depends on the texture of the hair . So, an 18inch curly texture, will when worn on you, look shorter than an 18-inch straight hair texture. In general, when choosing wavy textures, add at least 2-4 inches to the length you’d buy for straight hair and for curly textures, add at least 4 -6 inches to the length you’d buy when choosing straight styles. So, if you want shoulder length hair, buy 12 inches for straight hair, 14 inches or wavy hair and 16 inches for curly hair.

Checking the density of the hair

Density (i.e. how many hairs are on the wig) is key to a natural looking hairline. Most people’s hair around their hairline is thinner and less dense, and gradually thickens the further away from the hairline. The average human hair density is 100%-120%. Lace frontals or closures that have a very dense hairline (i.e. anything over 150%) can result in a ‘wiggy’ look unless several hours are spent plucking and customising them. Most wig stylists require frontals of a density of between 120% and 150%.