How to tell whether your hair is virgin, synthetic or raw - 5 simple tests you can try at home

Wondering if the hair you’ve purchased is virgin? Not sure what the difference is between virgin hair and raw hair? Maybe you’re concerned the hair you’re buying is synthetic hair. We’ve got you.  Read on for handy tips on buying human hair.  Why is it so hard to spot human hair?  There is a lot of mislabelled hair for sale, which makes makes it hard to decipher what’s real and what’s not. Worse still, understanding the various labels can be a tough feat. What is ‘mink hair’? What is ‘velvet hair’? Is it better than virgin hair?  Our hair guide explains what the types of hair are and how you can spot them.  When it comes to labelling, you'll need to be wary as there are...

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How to Look After Your Virgin Wig

Welcome to your complete virgin wig care guide. Whether you’re new to wig wearing or you’re after some tips on looking after your new Beautifl Hair wig - we’ve got you covered.  Finding the perfect wig and caring for it can be a daunting task. Read on to find out the different hair types, wig types, wig maintenance tips, and finally, how to style your wig.  First things first, what are the different wig types on the market?  Natural or Synthetic? Raw or virgin hair? Lace front or full lace? Wig terminology can be mind boggling and can steer you away from making that first step to being...

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