About Us

Hey beautiful person, I’m Chioma, the founder of Beautifl. Thanks so much for visiting the site and taking a few moments to read this page. I wanted to share my journey with you, tell you the causes I care about and share with you my motivations for setting up this brand.


Our hair is our crown

As a woman, I feel my hair is deeply connected with my sense of beauty and identity. When my hair looks good, it helps me feel good. For generations, black women have explored alternatives to wearing our natural hair (including lace wigs) for many reasons; from protecting our hair to medical hair loss like alopecia to just not being bothered to do our hair that day (we’ve all been there!) - most of us have worn wigs or extensions at some stage. Most of us have also spent time dreading doing our hair or going to the salon because, well, our hair takes time! So, I wanted to start a brand that made the wig wearing experience easier. From the construction of the wigs themselves to the experience buying them to the shipping - I wanted every part of your hair journey to feel fun, natural and, well, beautiful.


I know that sometimes the best laid plans don't work out and we can find ourselves a few days before our appointment with no hair to send (!). That's why we are pioneering SAME DAY London delivery of our hair, and it's also why most of our products are available with FREE next day delivery. Life doesn't wait 10-15 business days, so why should you wait that long for your hair?  

Trust and Confidence

Hair and lace are things you have to see and feel to know if you love, and that is hard when buying online. I don't want hair and lace buying to feel like a gamble. I’m sure you’ll *love* the quality of our hair but if you don't, we will happily refund you. Our fuss-free returns policy is here.  


I wanted to start a hair brand that would embrace all types of hair beauty. From straight to kinky, I want to offer women who want an alternative to wearing their natural hair (or have lost their natural hair), real options that look great and look natural.

What makes us Beautifl? - Inner Beauty

Let's not forget that beauty is about far more than external attributes, it’s also about our inner beauty – beauty of character and not just beauty in appearance.  I really wanted to set up a brand that really understands and helps the women it serves.  It's why we support causes and charities that are important to our community (click here to find out more). I want Beautifl to be a brand that appreciates and supports who you are and not just the hair you buy from us.

"Your realness is as beautifl as your wig" F. Igbokwe, 2021

Welcome to our journey; I really hope you enjoy the experience as much as I am!

Chioma x